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Tommy Sheppard
04 April 2017
My work for you in Westminster
It is incredible how much can change in a month in the world of politics.  On the 13th March the UK Government was visibly shocked when Nicola Sturgeon demanded that people in Scotland be allowed to choose whether they wanted to live under a Tory Brexit deal or decide things for themselves. As a result, Theresa May delayed the serving of Article 50 by a fortnight and it took a full 72 hours t...
Tommy Sheppard
04 April 2017
My work for you in Edinburgh East
Earlier in the month I held a public meeting on the future of Scotland post Brexit with panellists Simon Pia and Nicola McEwan. Thanks to them for joining me and to all those who came along - there was a great turn out and some very useful discussions.  Interestingly, a significant proportion who had voted No in the last Indy ref would now vote Yes or were at least open-minded. Last wee...
Tommy Sheppard
30 March 2017
Tommy's Blog
There have been some daft arguments put against allowing people in Scotland to have a choice about the future of their country. You have no mandate Ruth Davidson tells Nicola Sturgeon. Really? Did the SNP not mention this in their manifesto for the Scottish Parliament election last year? Let’s check. Maybe it’s buried away somewhere. No wait. Page 24 has a whole section on a second referendum. It...
Tommy Sheppard
24 March 2017
My work for you in Edinburgh East
The Scottish Government is in the process of consulting the public on unconventional oil and gas. I would encourage everyone to take part. If you have any concerns about fracking in Scotland then now is the time to voice them. Long before I stood for election I was opposed to fracking so I thought it might be useful to share my answers to the consultation questions. These are my views – no doubt...