Tommy Sheppard

MP for Edinburgh East

Depute Leader Campaign Expenses

Earlier this year I stood for Depute Leader of the SNP.  At the time I made a promise that I would be transparent about the financial side of my campaign.  Any such campaign involves expenses and fundraising and I have set out a summary of these below. I am really grateful to everyone who supported my campaign either by donating directly or coming to one of the fundraising events.

In the end we raised more than we needed. I promised at the time that anything left over would be donated to the local campaign to support refugees. I’m delighted tell you that I have donated the surplus of £565.07 to Re-Act (Refugee Action Scotland) - a not for-profit international humanitarian aid project working to help bring vital supplies and support to the displaced refugees across Europe.


Petty cash (Donations at events)                 £53

Fundraisers Indiegogo                                £1,556.40 (net of fees)

Fundraising Event – Edinburgh                    £2,025.00

Fundraising Event – Glasgow                       £2,070.00

Total income:                                            £5,704.40



Travel and Subsistence                                  £1,104.17

(Rail, bus, petrol, food on the road)

Accommodation                                           £1,192.94

(Accommodation when travelling to hustings, room hire for events, etc)

Merchandise and print                                   £2,455.62

(Leaflets, pop ups, photo permissions, pens, badges)

Website and social media                              £386.60

(FB boosting and website)


Total expenditure:                                          £5,139.33

Surplus                                                           £565.07







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Thursday, 17 August 2017

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