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July News - Westminster


It was yet another busy month in the Palace of Westminster. I started July with a Question to the Prime Minister.  For those who don't know, MPs enter a ballot to be able to ask something at PMQs. I enter every week and it really is just the luck of the draw as to if, and when, you get picked. This month I urged Theresa May to look again at the sale of Fort Kinnaird - it's simply not acceptable that Scottish taxpayers are being cheated out of £167 million from the sale of Crown Estate interests. Watch it here.

David Mundell was back in the hot seat for Scottish Office questions this month where I get to ask questions in my role as the SNP Spokesperson on the Scotland Office. This time I again focused on Brexit. The Chequers Plan completely changes the debate on joint governmental frameworks after we leave the European Union yet the Scottish Secretary confirmed he did not discuss the plan with the Scottish government beforehand. His shameful disregard for devolution continues. Watch it here

The SNP led the first ever debate in the House of Commons on the Claim Of Right for Scotland.  The UK Parliament endorsed the historic concept of the sovereignty of the people, and the right of people in Scotland to decide their own future. As SNP Spokesperson I had the job of summing up for the party - my speech is here.

The Electoral Commission ruled that the Vote Leave campaign broke legal spending limits and made an inaccurate spending return this month and, as a result, pro-Brexit campaign officials have been reported to police. In the urgent question in parliament I asked the UK government to commit that anyone who was on the board of, or who worked for,  Vote Leave would cease to hold ministerial office or be on the payroll. They refused. Watch it here.   

As Parliament began to wind down for recess, the UK government scheduled a general debate on "Strengthening the Union" - giving me the opportunity to outline exactly how they are weakening the Union with their approach to Brexit, and remind the people of Scotland that they have another option. The Labour party then tried to twist what I'd said about the events of 1979 in that speech - read my take on what actually happened here. And watch my speech here

Thanks to the Terrence Higgins Trust for providing lots of information about HIV and particular thanks to Rebecca for taking the time to share her story with me at their recent reception. Find out more here

As ever, there were a range of drop in events at Parliament this month. It was a pleasure to show my support to the All Party Group on Cancer. They do vital work campaigning to improve survival rates. I also dropped in to chat to the Anthony Nolan Trust. If you're aged 16-30 please consider joining their donor register - you could save the life of someone with blood cancer. Find out more here.A

July News - Constituency
Debate on Strengthening the Union


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Monday, 22 April 2019

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29 March 2019
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For many months the government has wielded a number of sticks to beat MPs into supporting its Withdrawal Agreement. It might be bad, they argue, but the alternative is worse. Remainers have been threatened with no deal. Leavers with no Brexit.The latest big stick is the threat of having to participate in the European parliamentary elections. To avoid this the Government (and the EU’s) new deadline...
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28 February 2019
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Four weeks ago I was worried about writing this column on the eve of the last major parliamentary debate on Brexit. Anything could have happened, rendering my speculation obsolete by the time you read it. I shouldn’t have fretted. Anything could have happened but nothing did.

Here I am again. Groundhog day. It’s Tuesday. There’s a big debate tomorrow.

Tommy Sheppard
31 January 2019
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Tuesday. Another day spent discussing Brexit. Another day of my life I’m not getting back.

We are no further forward. As the clock ticks down to exit it’s only fair to ask: What the hell is Theresa May playing at?