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Newsletter October - Constituency


Long before I stood for election I opposed fracking and I’ve been very pleased to be part of the campaign against it over the past couple of years. So I was delighted by the announcement from Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy, in the Scottish Parliament earlier in the month, and the subsequent vote last week.

Fracking will have no place in Scotland’s energy mix.

Let me say that again. The SNP Scottish Government have concluded that they cannot support the development of unconventional oil and gas extraction in our country. There will be no fracking in Scotland. The minister has written to Local Authorities to keep in place the moratorium measures indefinitely. As a result, fracking cannot and will not take place in Scotland. I’ll happily keep repeating that!

I had a good catch up with Ron, Jonny and Lynnette at CAN. They are doing vital work in the greater Craigmillar area.

CAN help folk with advice, appeals and all the support people really need when faced with a Tory UK government intent on decimating our social security system.

Was great to pop in to the Venchie this month and catch up with Susan. The Venchie do fantastic work supporting families in the greater Craigmillar area and have lots of ideas for future projects too. 

I had a useful meeting with Ruth and Christine from National Museums Scotland to discuss their exciting Scotland 365 project to engage young people with heritage. They are working with a range of youth charities and organisations in Edinburgh to explore what heritage means to our young people. 

I wrote out to the good folk of Bingham this month to let them know I was holding a street surgery in their polling district. We had loads of responses and so I spent last Saturday popping in to see constituents and discussing some of the issues in the area. I'm trying to hold a street surgery regularly across the constituency in addition to my regular surgeries so do look out for me. 

I joined the Young European Movement at a rally in Edinburgh outside the City Chambers. 

In my speech I made the point that we are living in the most chaotic and uncertain times of my lifetime. Most of all, we need certainty for our European friends and neighbours. 

I had the pleasure of speaking at two Edinburgh World Justice Festival events this month. The first was Hope not Hate’s session on ‘How Welcoming is Scotland?’

The second event was themed 'The popular movements which can combat neo-liberalism; how can politicians help them grow stronger?'

Both resulted in very interesting discussions. Thanks to the festival organisers for creating such important spaces for the exchange of ideas.

Talking of thought provoking public discussions, I will be taking part in an event for 'Previously, Scotland's History Festival' with Professor Richard Finlay on the 18th November. If you fancy it you can book here.


October Newsletter - Westminster
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Monday, 26 August 2019

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