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MP for Edinburgh East

November Newsletter - Constituency


I used my Evening News column this month to talk about fireworks following the extreme antisocial behaviour on bonfire night. I've also written to the Minister asking for the UK Government to toughen up licensing laws. And if they aren't willing to do that, devolve power over fireworks to the Scottish Parliament so they can act. Read the full article here.


It was great to pop in to Craigentinny Community Centre this month. This place is absolutely buzzing - an amazing community resource.


I had a great time with Julie and the cultural cooking class in Craigmillar last week. We made my recipe for sweet potato and chickpea curry. Pretty tasty even if I do say so myself!


I had a fascinating meeting with Link Community Development. They do incredibly valuable work supporting education in sub-Saharan Africa. They are currently running a Christmas fundraiser to transform the life and learning opportunities for girls in Ethiopia. Find out more here.  


I stopped by the Carr Gomm AGM and Staff awards held at the Thistle. Great to see recognition for all the hard working staff who do a fantastic job supporting people and communities.


The council are consulting on plans for the new Castlebrae High School. It's really important that the community make sure their needs and desires for the new school are included in any plans. You can take part in the consultation here.


Popped in to Norton Park Conference Centre for a catch up with CEO Anne Marie about how things are going. So many fantastic charities are based in the centre and use its meeting rooms.

It was also great to meet with TalkTime Edinburgh - one of the charities who use the centre. They offer free counselling sessions for 12-25 year olds who have a physical disability or life-long condition. Please do look them up if you know of anyone who might benefit from their service.


Had a spare half hour so decided to donate blood and help save lives. There is always a need for donations, if you want to help you can find details here.


Once again my office is collecting unwrapped Christmas gifts for children of all ages. We will be giving these to the Venchie in Craigmillar who will distribute them to local families. If you're able to add an extra present to your shopping list this year, we'd be very grateful. Please drop them off at my Portobello Office by the 18th December. 

EU Withdrawal Bill Debate
Newsletter November - Westminster

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Friday, 22 February 2019

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