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October Newsletter - Westminster


My monthly column in the Edinburgh Evening News was a good chance to go into a bit more detail on the fracking ban in Scotland. I'm delighted we've reached this point - if you feel the same have a read here.

I took part in the debate on devolved powers in Westminster Hall. Tory MP Stephen Kerr appeared to call this debate simply to have a go at the SNP. 

So I wanted to set the record straight outlining some of the key achievements the Scottish Government have attained with their, limited, albeit devolved powers. And how they've helped Kerr's Stirling constituents. He didn't seem to like it but you can watch it here.

I used my PMQ to ask Theresa May if she would consider a moratorium on fracking for the rest of the UK, in light of the ban in Scotland.  She's as out of touch on this as she is on everything else.  You can watch it here.

As a result of a public petition to parliament, there was a Westminster Hall debate on Proportional Representation. The SNP have long supported a change in our electoral system - it's time that every vote matters. I summed up the debate on the behalf of the SNP and you can watch it here

Work on the Scottish Affairs Committee continues at pace. Earlier this month I welcomed the committee to Edinburgh East as part of the #MyScottishAffairs Inquiry. We're keen to get ideas from members of civic Scotland, and members of the public, on what we should cover in the committee.

The committee are also holding a consultation on whether the UK immigration policy meets the needs of Scotland. Again, you can take part - find out more here

I've had the opportunity to support quite a few good causes this month. I met with Action on Hearing Loss at the SNP party conference to support their Speak Easy campaign highlighting that high levels of background music, or the buzz of loud chatter between customers, can cause difficulties for people who use hearing aids. Something I know all about!

At conference I also had the pleasure of meeting Margaret and Percy and learning all about the dangers that pavement parking and street clutter pose to people with vision impairment.

Back in Westminster I met with representatives from Macmillan who are raising awareness for their #LifeWithCancer is Still Life campaign. And with Breast Cancer Care to support their #NotSecondRate campaign.

I joined Pup Aid to support their campaign to end third party dealing so people can only buy puppies from registered dealers. And I got to play with this cutie.


Time to license fireworks
Newsletter October - Constituency

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