Yesterday I raised a Point of Order in the House.

Yesterday there was an international Peace Conference on Israel and Palestine in Paris.

5 days ago Boris Johnston was asked if the UK Government would be attending. He said (and it's quoted in Hansard) that "I can certainly assure the right hon. Gentleman that the UK Government will be attending the Paris talks and we will be reinforcing our message, which is that we think that both sides must get round the table and negotiate."

The media have since reported that the UK did not have a ministerial presence - it appears we sent an observer in the form of a civil servant who did not have the authority to sign the final communique.

There were only 5 days between Boris' statement and the summit so you'd think he must have known what he intended to do. Was Boris being a little economical with the truth?

I'll be following up with written questions as a priority.

You can watch the Point of Order here.