The SNP has criticised Lisa Nandy after the Labour leadership candidate stated she would deny the people of Scotland a choice over their future if she became leader – going as far as to suggest that she would follow the example of independence movements suppressed through violence.

When also asked by the BBC’s Andrew Neil if she backed Scotland’s democratic right to choose their own future if the Scottish Parliament returned a pro-independence referendum majority, Nandy replied, “No...” and referred to learning lessons from Catalonia, where democratically elected political leaders have been jailed.

Earlier, Nandy’s fellow leadership challenger Jess Phillips was criticised for being "hopelessly out of touch" with Scotland after refusing to accept Scotland's right to choose, stating that “I don't think we should have another referendum on Scottish independence" while claiming a majority did not support a referendum - despite the SNP winning more than eighty per cent of seats in Scotland on a mandate to hold an independence referendum.

Commenting, SNP MP Tommy Sheppard said:

“There is a running anti-democratic theme dominating the Labour leadership contest and it only confirms why the Labour party is in a state of utter disarray in Westminster, in its Scottish branch office, and why it is hopelessly out of touch with the people of Scotland.

“With Lisa Nandy even lurching so far to the extremes by condoning violence and imprisonment as a way to oppose independence, it suggests there is a deeper problem rotting at the core of the Labour party. 

“With the SNP winning more than eighty per cent of seats in Scotland on a mandate to hold an independence referendum, all Labour leadership candidates must make clear whether they respect democracy or if they will instead follow the lead of Tory leader Boris Johnson in denying democracy.

“The people of Scotland must have the choice of a better future than the broken Westminster system being imposed upon us. That is a decision solely for the people of Scotland - not Boris Johnson, not Lisa Nandy, or any other detached Westminster politician.”


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