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It wasn't a surprise that we started the new parliamentary term with an Urgent Question on Brexit. However the answer I received to my question during this session was quite amazing. Raab said that the UK government's ability to consult the Scottish government will be constrained by Article 50 timetable which "is not of our choosing". Really? Who set the withdrawal date in law despite all the opposition parties arguing it would create inflexibility? Watch it here.

There's also a lot of discussion about a "People's Vote" on Europe. This month I used my Edinburgh Evening News column to set out my three tests for another referendum. You can read it here

I was delighted to help Breast Cancer Now get ready for #WearItPink on 19th October. Join in the action at

I was honoured to meet Dr Martin Stern MBE, a Holocaust survivor, with Deidre Brock MP at the launch event for Holocaust Memorial Day 2019.The experiences of survivors such as Martin remind us about the importance of marking Holocaust Memorial Day – a day when we remember the millions of people who were affected by the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

September was blood cancer awareness month and I was pleased to catch up with the folks at Anthony Nolan.  They provided some useful stats about how many people in Edinburgh East are signed up to the stem cell register. Thank you to all 1622 of you.  If you're aged 16-30 and are interested in joining the register, you can find out more here

It was Cabinet Office questions earlier in the month and there really is only one topic to ask about.  What's concerning is that the UK government doesn't seem to know if a no deal Brexit will have any implications for common frameworks. There's a real danger they'll use Brexit chaos to force through UK wide arrangements to constrain Scottish government. Watch it here.

Let's march towards a new vision for the nation
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Friday, 22 February 2019

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Tommy Sheppard
31 January 2019
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Tuesday. Another day spent discussing Brexit. Another day of my life I’m not getting back.

We are no further forward. As the clock ticks down to exit it’s only fair to ask: What the hell is Theresa May playing at?

Tommy Sheppard
11 December 2018
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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more farcical, yesterday happened. Government ministers spent the weekend assuring us the vote planned for today would go ahead. Some were even claiming the PM might win it (it’s nearly Christmas after all, the season of miracles). Even late yesterday morning the Downing St press office were still telling us the vote was going ahead, while the PM was h...
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23 November 2018
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It’s been a little while since I've written a blog on Brexit. Things are now moving quite quickly so I thought it might be helpful for me to share a few of my thoughts on where we are.The proposal put forward by Theresa May last week is not a good one and not one I can support. While the SNP Scottish government remain of the view that the best option for Scotland would be to remain in the European...
Tommy Sheppard
08 November 2018
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The budget was last week. Did you notice? As squibs go, this one was pretty damp. We’ll be debating the detail in the finance bill next week but the real story is one of indifference and missed opportunity.Since the 2008 crash, governments across the western world have seen their revenues unable to meet spending. In the US and most European countries the response was to use the power and funds of ...