Tommy Sheppard

MP for Edinburgh East

Sky Takeover

The proposed takeover of Sky TV has concerned a significant number of constituents and I share many of your concerns.

When considering any takeover bid of media and news outlets, public interest must be prioritised by shareholders. Further to this, a takeover bid of this magnitude must be properly and robustly scrutinised. If any plans or detail require scrutiny by the Government this must be done in a fully transparent and thorough manner.

There was an urgent question asked in the chamber on 20th December on the takeover however, as a formal notification has not been made to the Government, the Minister will not take any decision in relation to the bid. You can read the full transcript of the urgent question here.

I also tabled a parliamentary question to the Minister asking if she has plans to refer the bid to the regulator. However, due to the statement and no formal notification of the bid, the tabling office were unable to submit it. Should formal notification be given I will re-submit the question.

It is the duty of both free media and the Government to ensure that the media sector delivers robustly evidenced and balanced news to the public. A careful balance between upholding the rights of the free press and allowing fair competition to take place is vital. The Scottish Government will continue to monitor the current press regulations and work with other parties, in Scotland and Westminster, to ensure effective regulation of the media on a non-political basis.


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Friday, 20 October 2017

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Tommy Sheppard
11 October 2017
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I have never been prouder of our SNP Scottish Government than I was last Tuesday when the Energy Minister, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, made a statement to parliament on fracking. He was responding to a huge public consultation on the issue and he made it crystal clear that fracking would not be part of the energy mix in Scotland.Not only was this the right decision but the manner in which the government ...
Tommy Sheppard
03 October 2017
My work for you in Edinburgh East
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Long before I stood for election I opposed fracking and I’ve been very pleased to be able to coordinate opposition over the past couple of years.

So you’ll not be surprised to hear that I am delighted by the announcement that has just been made by Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy, in the Scottish Parliament.

Tommy Sheppard
02 October 2017
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Yesterday I got back from a holiday – the only time of the year where I switch off from the world.  I turned on my phone to see with horror what was happening in #Catalonia.The actions of the Spanish authorities were shocking. Images beamed around the world of police violence against young and old alike who simply wanted to cast a democratic vote.  I’m in awe of the voters who remained peaceful an...
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I was delighted to attend the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Westminster launch of a new report on the illegal ivory trade across Europe, (Ivory seizures in Europe, 2006-2015), which found that the European Union is still a destination for illegal ivory, a major transit route between countries and a key exporter of antique ivory to South East Asian markets.I fully support the campaig...
Tommy Sheppard
10 September 2017
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Workings of Westminster

There was a big turnout from SNP MPs to support Royal College of Nursing #scrapthecap demo at Westminster.

And great to see Geoff who had made the journey from Edinburgh East alongside other RCN members from across the UK.