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Fur Imports

There is absolutely no justification for the use of animal fur. We know that it is cruel. Animals who are bred for the fur trade suffer horrendous conditions whilst alive - cruelty, neglect and very painful deaths. It is also unnecessary. Fake fur is readily available for those that want to wear it. Many constituents have raised concerns that some people who believe they are buying fake fur are actually buying real fur – this must be properly regulated. Although I fear the UK government will not take the necessary action to make sure this happens. The SNP Government is responsible for animal welfare in Scotland as it is devolved. The SNP is committed to protecting and promoting the highest standards possible. However, when it comes to imports the best way to tackle the fur trade is to work in partnership with other countries. The European Union has played a key role in this. In 2007 SNP MEP Alyn Smith backed a campaign for a complete ban on the import and export of cat and dog fur. The European Parliament supported the ban and it was introduced at the end of 2008 across the European Union. However more needs to be done. I believe we would be more effective at strengthening all laws on the treatment of animals as part of the European Union where legislation would take effect in all countries in the EU and therefore have a much greater impact.

When it comes to voting on legislation relating to animal welfare I will always be looking for the highest possible standards – those you would expect from a decent, humane and civilised society.

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