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Tommy Sheppard
11 July 2018
Tommy's Blog
We need to talk about democracy. The UK government recently hosted its first ever “National Democracy Week” – with no sense of irony. We absolutely should be celebrating the 90th anniversary of the equalisation of voting ages for men and women. Nobody would argue with that. But we should celebrate that achievement precisely because it shattered an unjust status quo. And we still have an unjust s...
Tommy Sheppard
05 July 2018
My work for you in Westminster

In the same way that a dog isn't only for Christmas, sovereignty isn't only for the 18th of September 2014. 

Watch my full speech from the SNP's Claim of Right debate here


Tommy Sheppard
02 July 2018
My work for you in Edinburgh East
It was great to be able to celebrate the re-opening of Bellfield at their family open day. Congrats to the team at Action Porty for all their hard work in achieving such the community buy out and for creating such a fantastic resource for the area.  As you may be aware, I've taken a serious interest in short term lets and the impact they are having across the constituency. This month I met with C...
Tommy Sheppard
02 July 2018
My work for you in Westminster
It can't have escaped anyone's notice that the EU Withdrawal Bill was back in Parliament this month. And it came with some significant controversy. Given the large number of amendments proposed by the Lords you could be forgiven for thinking there'd be a decent amount of time allocated for debate but that wasn't to be. You can read my bumper blog on the main two days voting and the SNP reaction he...