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Tommy Sheppard
01 May 2019
My work for you in Edinburgh East
The main benefit of Brexit taking more of a back seat was having a bit more time in the constituency during April. I hold regular advice surgeries and it's always great to see what's going on in the buildings while I'm there. I got to join in with a spot of body bingo after holding my surgery at ⁦the Restalrig Lochend⁩ hub - a welcome change of scene!Regular subscribers to my newsletter will know ...
Tommy Sheppard
01 May 2019
My work for you in Westminster
It's strange to think that a month ago we were due to be leaving the European Union. With the leaving date pushed back to October 31st Parliament took a short Easter recess allowing us all time in our constituencies. And now it almost seems as if no-one is even talking about Brexit. Of course, I am going to talk about Brexit but before I do I want to talk about the other big topic that has hit the...
Tommy Sheppard
25 April 2019
Tommy's Blog
Forty years ago in the sweltering summer of 1979 I got myself arrested at Torness. I was one of hundreds protesting against the construction of the nuclear power station. For my efforts I got to spend a night in the cells at Dunbar nick.As the then Thatcher government was keen to point out - we didn't stop Torness. But as I'm keen to point out it was a tipping point. The time when nuclear energy l...
Tommy Sheppard
01 April 2019
My work for you in Westminster
So it's April 1st. And we're still in the EU. A short reprieve but a very welcome one. It's difficult to give a concise report on what's happened this month but I'll do my best. On Friday we had another vote on the Prime Minister's Deal. It wasn't a "meaningful" one but one on the Withdrawal Agreement without the Political Declaration. Even with that compromise the result was a resounding defeat f...